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Can Men Wear Thongs?

Here's what to know about adding a thong to your underwear drawer.

Store display of men's thongs and luxury underwear.

Whether just a little curious or perhaps considering giving one a go for yourself, you’re here because you’re wondering if men can wear thongs.

This may come as a bit of shock, but not only can men wear thongs—plenty do!

There’s any number of reasons why a man would opt to wear a thong.

While not typically considered the common underwear choice of men, many have come to the realization that wearing a thong can actually be very comfortable, functional, and stylish.

If this is news to you, you’ll likely find a lot of the information here helpful.

We’ll give you the lowdown on what makes for a good thong choice, where you can buy them, when to wear one, and all the benefits they have to offer.

And if you’re thinking about trying one for yourself, we offer our top thong recommendation for those that are just getting started below.

Are Men’s Thongs Comfortable?

You’ve probably been led to believe that having a piece of fabric between your cheeks is irritating and uncomfortable, but wearing a thong might be more comfortable than you think.

Well, to be honest, a thong can be uncomfortable if you pick the wrong one.

There’s certainly not a one size, style, or brand that fits all when it comes to thongs. Quality fabric and design play an important role in constructing a superior thong.

When you wear a thong made of cheap fabric or one that is poorly designed (as if completely ignoring the male anatomy) it will be painfully obvious.

And, of course, it will be uncomfortable just as it would with any pair of underwear that ignored these things.

Man walking comfortably on the beach.

But when you find a quality thong that fits right—forget about just being comfortable—it can feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Maybe you’re someone who previously made the switch from boxers to boxer briefs. Think of that revelation when you experienced a more tapered fit under your pants.

With a thong, it’s like this all over again but even better.

A quality thong is a perfect blend of support and minimal fabric that keeps you secure and eliminates bunching and rolling up.

Don’t believe us that a thong can be comfortable for men? Try one from our list of the Most Comfortable Thongs for Men.

What Is a Good Thong for Getting Started?

Thinking of trying out a thong?

There are plenty of different styles and designs to choose from. In fact, the amount of options might be a little overwhelming.

And for those just getting started, maybe you’re thinking don’t jump in the deep end right away with an over-the-top choice. Instead, you might prefer something more classic.

Bear in mind that a poor first experience could turn you off from wearing a thong altogether (though this would be a mistake!).

So, if you’re looking for a great thong to get you started, we recommend the Intymen Sport Thong.

This thong has an awesome sporty look that utilizes comfortable mesh fabric and is available in several classic color options. It’s breathable, lightweight, and versatile.

Intymen Sport Thong in front and back views.

Available on Amazon: Intymen Sport Thong

The Intymen Sport Thong is a widely popular choice. And you’d be hard-pressed trying to find a guy that owns just one pair of these.

Another great getting-started option we recommend is the Obviously PrimeMan Thong. This thong is a great choice for everyday wear.

And it’s the waistband that sets this one apart: super comfortable while staying in place and keeping everything secure.

Obviously PrimeMan Thong in front, back, and side views.

Available on Amazon: Obviously PrimeMan Thong

The Obviously PrimeMan Thong also has an anatomically shaped pouch with just the right amount of support.

This thong fits great under any clothing option without showing any lines through the fabric.

Both of these recommendations are picks from our Most Comfortable Thongs List.

Really any thong from our Most Comfortable picks would be a great choice for starting out and serve as an introduction to just how comfortable thongs can be.

When you get the fit right with one of these thongs, you can forget you’re even wearing them.

What Clothing Brands Sell Thongs for Men?

There are many brands available today that sell thongs for men in a variety of styles, designs, and fits. Both well-known men’s clothing brands and specialty brands make thongs for men.

Popular men’s clothing brands like Calvin Klein, Empario Armani, Jockey, and more, carry thong options for men.

You can shop thong options both in department stores and online. Many brands also sell thong options for men through Amazon.

Additionally, specialty brands like Joe Snyder, Intymen, Clever, Obviously, Gregg Homme, and others, offer a large variety of thong options for men.

You can purchase from these brands online at their site or through online retailers like Freshpair and HisRoom.

When Would a Man Wear a Thong?

You might choose to wear a thong for any number of different occasions.

As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of men out there that choose to sport a thong as their preferred underwear choice.

In your everyday wear, you’ll notice how nice a thong fits under your pants, especially with more tailored fits.

Not only will it feel better (no bunching, legs riding-up, etc.) but you’ll notice an improved appearance, as well.

Man in clean and professional attire.

While guys haven’t typically been known to be as concerned with visible underwear lines in the way that ladies often dread a visible panty line (VPL), you might find yourself surprised at how much cleaner and sharper you look.

How a thong fits under clothing isn’t the only practical reason, if you’re in a warmer climate or a hot season, you’ll notice that opting for a thong keeps you much cooler than any alternative.

Not only is it less fabric wrapped around your body, but the design also lends itself to being a more breathable option.

It’s like going commando but with support for your precious cargo.

Want another great reason? How about throwing on a thong to spice up your look a bit.

There are plenty of sexy thong options out there for men today.

Not only will you look and feel sexier but there’s a good chance your partner will enjoy the new look too. We’ll call this a win-win.

Not yet sure about wearing a thong but looking for a better (perhaps more stylish) alternative to boxer briefs? Discover some great bikini brief options for men.


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