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Can Men Wear Thong Swimsuits?

Here’s what to know about wearing the skimpy swimwear option.

Man wearing thong swimsuit at the beach.

Over the past few years, thong swimsuits have skyrocketed in popularity among women.

Offering a freeing and flattering fit, they provide women with an increase in comfort, breathability, range of motion, and much more.

And while women have fully embraced thong swimsuits, you may be wondering if men have the option of wearing a thong swimsuit, as well.

This may come as a bit of surprise to some, but not only can men wear thong swimsuits, there are plenty of men that do so!

Men can wear thong swimsuits, otherwise known as swim thongs, for all the same reasons and benefits that have made the option so popular among women.

And while swim thongs are not the typical swimwear choice of men, the newly converted continue to grow in numbers, as more and more men discover just how comfortable and freeing the swim thong experience can be.

So, whether this is all brand new to you or you’re already interested in trying out a swim thong for yourself, you’ll find plenty of helpful information here.

From what makes a great swim thong and which brands offer them to their many benefits and how to style them.

And if you’re ready to rock a swim thong for your next pool or beach visit, we provide our top swim thong recommendations for those that are just starting out.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by The Underwear Review. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

Are Men’s Swim Thongs Comfortable?

One of the main reasons why men reject the idea of wearing a thong swimsuit is due to the notion that they’re uncomfortable and a poor match for the male anatomy.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A properly fitting swim thong can actually be incredibly comfortable for men, especially those designed by high-quality swim brands that consider the male anatomy in their design process and product features.

Additionally, many men have been led to believe that running a piece of fabric between your glutes creates an uncomfortable wedgie-like sensation.

Well, to be honest, it can if you pick a poorly constructed swim thong that doesn’t prioritize high-quality fabric and construction.

A superior swim thong, on the other hand, incorporates soft and breathable fabric that lays gently on your skin and ergonomic design features that mold and move with your body.

When this is the case, swim thongs provide the perfect blend of minimalism and support that can feel like wearing almost nothing at all.

Man enjoying free feeling at the beach.

Here’s another way to think of it.

Many men love the freeing feel that a swimsuit provides when gliding through the water.

Now imagine even less fabric and restriction from your swimsuit.

Swim thongs offer an incredibly liberating experience both in and out of the water that’s free of fabric bunching, twisting, and riding up.

Still skeptical about just how comfortable swim thongs are for men?

Go ahead and give one of our Best Swim Thongs a try and finally erase those doubts once and for all.

Why Wear a Swim Thong: 5 Great Benefits for Men

There’s no doubt that the idea of wearing a thong swimsuit sounds strange to some.

And if you find yourself falling in this category, you’re likely wondering why you’d want to opt for a swim thong over other more familiar swimwear choices.

As we mentioned earlier, the swim thong is a popular choice among women and only continues to grow in popularity.

And there’s a reason why it’s starting to gain traction among men, as well.

Actually, there are several reasons.

So, here are five of the top benefits that swim thongs offer men.

Swim Thong Benefit #1: Comfortable Fit

This benefit tends to come as the biggest shock to skeptics, but swim thongs actually provide a very comfortable fit for men.

With a pouch in the front and fabric that runs between your glutes to connect at the waistband, swim thongs rest comfortably and securely at your waistline.

And when sized correctly and purchased from a high-quality swimwear brand, swim thongs offer all the coverage you need without any superfluous fabric.

Variety of swim brand options.

In other words, there isn’t any of the fabric twisting, bunching, riding up, or sliding down, that can occur with other swimwear options.

Keep in mind, of course, that if you’re wearing a swim thong for the very first time, there may be a slight adjustment phase as you get used to the way it fits and feels.

But it won’t take long before you’re fully enjoying this sublimely comfortable swimwear choice.

Swim Thong Benefit #2: Freedom to Move

In general, the less wet fabric you have clinging to your body, the easier it is to move around freely and comfortably.

Thanks to their lightweight and minimal design, swim thongs provide a greater range of motion than any other swimwear option.

It’s not that those other swimwear options are flawed or inferior, it’s simply that their designs have fabric that cover active areas of your lower body (i.e. joints and limbs that move around a lot both in and out of the water).

And even though swim thongs have minimal fabric, they can still offer anatomical support through a targeted pouch support design.

Keep in mind, however, that not every swim thong offers adequate pouch support.

If you’re looking for a swim thong option that provides support while you’re active, opt for choices that have secure elastic waistbands, stretchy fabric blends, and thicker side strap designs.

Swim Thong Benefit #3: Superior Breathability

Of course, if a swimsuit design has less fabric than other swimwear options, it’s likely going to provide better breathability, as well.

This is true of swim thongs, which are the most breathable option of all men’s swimwear options.

It’s actually a pretty simple equation: Less fabric equals quicker drying time, which leads to a lighter and more breathable wearing experience.

This benefit is especially handy in warmer climates or if you’re experiencing particularly hot weather, as the swim thong’s minimal design will help you maintain your body temperature and make it much less likely that you overheat.

Swim Thong Benefit #4: Ideal for Tanning

This is a big one among swim thong aficionados and what leads many to try one out in the first place.

If you’re looking for that perfect all over tan, a swim thong is the superior choice of all swimwear options.

Man tanning on the beach.

This is especially true if you hate the look of big and boxy tan lines on your lower half.

The swim thong’s minimal design bares nearly all your skin for an even and thorough tan.

And as we mentioned earlier, a swim thong is also the most breathable and pleasant option to wear while laying out in the sun.

Swim Thong Benefit #5: Confidence Boost

We might have saved the best benefit for last.

Whether you’ve been putting in a lot of effort at the gym and want to show off your physique or you’re simply embracing the wonderful uniqueness of your body, throwing on a swim thong is a great way to boost your confidence.

There’s simply nothing that conveys confidence at the beach or beside the pool in the same way that rocking a swim thong does.

The swim thong is a celebration of you.

What’s a Good Swim Thong for Getting Started?

If you’re thinking about buying your first swim thong, you may find it helpful to know that certain options are better suited than others.

For those that are just getting started, you’re likely better off not jumping straight into the deep end (pun intended) with flashy styles and features.

Instead, you’ll likely want to opt for a classic design that mixes in familiar swimwear features.

So, if you’re looking for a great swim thong to get you started, we recommend the Gregg Homme Caliente Swim Thong.

Man wearing Gregg Homme Caliente Swim Thong.

Available on Amazon: Gregg Homme Caliente Swim Thong

This swim thong features a classic swim thong design with the perfect balance of stretch and support.

It has soft and breathable fabric for all-day comfort and versatile look that’s available in several classic color options.

Another great swim thong option for getting started is the Jack Adams Bondi Swim Thong.

Man wearing Jack Adams Bondi Swim Thong.

Shop at Freshpair: Jack Adams Bondi Swim Thong

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams Bondi Swim Thong

This swim thong utilizes a looser Aussie-style fit with a double-ply pouch and low-rise design.

It also has a slightly wider elastic waistband with drawstrings for a secure and custom fit.

Both recommendations we listed here are top picks from our list of the Best Swim Thongs.

Truly any of the options on our Best Swim Thongs list would provide a great first swim thong experience, offering comfort, coverage, and style.

Not yet sure about wearing a swim thong but looking for a more flattering alternative to swim shorts? Discover some great swim bikini options for men.


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