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These undergarments are the real deal when it comes to controlling sweat and keeping it out of sight.

Beyond their superior sweat control features, they’re also comfortable and easy to integrate into everyday wear.

Stay dry. Look polished. Feel confident.

You’ll wish you’d found these a lot sooner.

Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Sweat

Criteria for Our Sweat Stopper Picks

We know what works and what falls short because we’ve been through it ourselves.

From extensive testing of undershirts, underwear, and socks designed to block sweat and odor, including our own personal experiences dealing with hyperhidrosis, we’ve found that 2 key characteristics make for a great sweat stopping undergarment.

1. Proven Sweat-Stopping Technology

Impressive new fabrics, technologies, and design features have led to incredible strides in sweat-blocking undergarments that can address a variety of sweating conditions.

Keep in mind, however, that while many garments are marketed as effective sweat blockers, some options carry out that protection better than others.

We went with undershirts that you can put on and not give it or sweat another thought.

2. Easy Everyday Wear Integration

It’s not enough just to effectively block sweat, as there are any number of ways this can be achieved.

A high-quality, sweat proof undershirt will absorb sweat, create a comfortable barrier between your body and top layer, and fit well without adding extra bulk.

You want an option that will seamlessly integrate into your daily wardrobe and hold up through whatever the day throws at you.

Discover confidence in your sweat protection.

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