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Man wearing comfortable boxer briefs.
Man wearing comfortable briefs.
Man wearing comfortable trunks.
Man wearing comfortable bikini briefs.
Man wearing comfortable thong.
Man wearing comfortable jock strap.
Man wearing comfortable crew neck undershirt.
Man wearing comfortable v-neck undershirt.
Man wearing comfortable tank undershirt.
Man wearing comfortable T-shirt.
Man wearing comfortable crew socks.
Man wearing comfortable dress socks.

This is no place for underwear that’s good enough, just fine, or whatever. And if it elicits a shrug of any kind, we just don’t want it here.


Our picks for the most comfortable underwear feature above and beyond comfort.


To make our Most Comfortable List, it’s got to fit like a second skin. Underwear that you’re actually happy to put on and then forget you’re even wearing.


Now, of course, we know that men come in all different shapes and sizes, not to mention have different preferences when it comes to support, fabric type, and so on.


But with a little scrolling, we’re confident you’ll find your new favorite undershirt, underwear, socks, and more here.


So, go ahead and get comfortable.

Criteria for Our Most Comfortable Picks

Here’s the criteria we used for putting together our most comfortable underwear picks.

Fabric: This one is easy. Premium fabrics that are soft, stretchy, and breathable. Underwear rests right against your skin and sensitive areas all day long. Let’s keep things plush.   

Design: We’re looking for ergonomic designs, i.e. takes the male anatomy and human body into consideration. Supportive pouches, stay-put waistbands, and no-roll legs.

Performance: It’s not enough to just be soft and cushy while lounging around, we want comfort that lasts all day and can handle whatever gets thrown its way.  

*        *        *

Fit, design, and purpose are important elements when it comes to finding the most comfortable underwear but perhaps aren’t the first few things that come to mind.

Be sure to reference our helpful guides and resources for tips on men’s undershirts, underwear, socks and much more.

The more you understand how a garment should fit, the design features it implements, and the way it’s intended to be worn, the more you’ll get out of it.   

Comfort, durability, style, you name it.

Helpful Guides and Resources...

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