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The Underwear Review

Believe it or not, we here at The Underwear Review are what you would call underwear enthusiasts.


We love a good pair of underwear: a comfortable pair, a functional pair, a stylish pair, a spicy pair... Well, you get the point.


And we’re here to help you find your perfect pair of underwear.

We connect you with the absolute best in men's underwear, undershirts, socks, and more.


So, be sure to check out our top picks, reviews, and resources.


We’re a small but very dedicated team committed to bringing you useful, relevant, and high-quality underwear advice for your everyday life and any scenario that comes your way.

About The Underwear Review

Have a question? You can reach us here:

What We Do & Why You Can Trust Us

There are more men’s underwear options available today than ever before, and they’re designed to meet a wide variety of preferences, situations, and interests.

What sets us apart is that we’ve tried on, tested, and experienced the vast majority of the brands and styles that we include in our picks and recommendations.

Many of these you can see in our in-depth product reviews on our YouTube Channel.

We’re here to help you make informed and confident underwear purchases by providing you with up-to-date information and helpful expertise.

We only offer advice and recommendations on what we know and what we’ve personally worn.

All opinions expressed on The Underwear Review are solely those of our team, as we rigorously research and meticulously write all the content featured on this site.

This site forgoes the use of sponsored posts, sponsored links, promotional content, and AI-generated content.

Behind Our Recommendations

The Underwear Review is here to connect you with the absolute best in men's underwear.


Here's how we approach our reviews: 

It all starts with the details.

We pore over product descriptions and key features, parse through brand catalogs of both the well-establish and up-and-coming, and keep an eye out for new offerings and updated versions.

What exactly we’re looking for may differ slightly based on the category for which we’re compiling, which include:

  • Most Comfortable

  • Available on Amazon

  • Pouch Picks

  • Best Breathable

  • Sweat Stoppers

Each of our main categories clearly lays out what features are prioritized and rewarded with a spot on the top pick list.

Then, we take it for a test drive.

Yes, we really try on, test out, and go about our everyday lives in the underwear choices we recommend.

And there are some we try that don’t make the cut.

We only recommend products that we would happily wear ourselves and those that reflect the goal of its given category.

Many of the products that you see toward the top spots of our list, have not only earned our recommendations but worked their way into our personal rotations.

Finally, we factor in customer reviews.

We’re not the only ones wearing this underwear, so what do others have to say about it?

We want our picks and recommendations to be as successful as possible to as many as possible.


So, when we’re researching new products and compiling our top picks, we always check the customer reviews and utilize feedback from our own site, as well.  

What’s working? What isn’t? And why?

How The Underwear Review Makes Money

This site makes money in the following ways:

  • Ad Placements

  • Affiliate Links

  • Discount Codes

While The Underwear Review does participate in ad placements and affiliate programs throughout the site for which we receive commissions, these affiliations never improperly influence our review or content production process.

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