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The words "Stay Cool" on an icy background.

Summer heat doesn’t have to leave you sweaty and miserable.


Stay cool with a pick from our lists of the best breathable underwear options for hot weather.

Stay Fresh While Looking Fresh.

Criteria for Our Best Breathable Picks

Whether you live in a warm climate, or the summer months are starting to roll around, breathable underwear is an investment that you’ll never regret.

Because we’ve all felt it before. The swampy, pooling of sweat in our seat, our pits, our socks, etc., that leaves you damp, sticky, and miserable.

But this is no unfortunate reality that you’re resigned to live with. No, it’s absolutely a treatable discomfort.

For reasons unknown, underwear has been an overlooked and underappreciated factor in staying cool.

It certainly shouldn’t be, however, as it’s the first thing you put on and the layer that rests right against your skin.

It makes perfect sense that when you incorporate breathable fabrics and garment features into the design of underwear, it can help to regulate body temperature and wick away moisture.

This in turn helps you stay cooler and drier for longer, whether you’re out in the sweltering heat or simply going about your everyday routine.

Here are the criteria we use when putting together our best breathable underwear picks:

Fabric: This one is easy. It needs to be lightweight, airy, and moisture-wicking. Nothing that heat can cling to and or sweat can pool in.    

Design: We’re looking for specific breathability features: ventilation, perforations, etc. Designs that understand the male anatomy and body temperature regulation.

Performance: It’s not enough to be breathable while relaxing in the shade. We want underwear that can handle tough conditions, sweaty environments, and active pursuits.

So, check out our best breathable picks and stay cool out there!

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