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Here Are 3 Sweat Stopping Boxer Brief Solutions

Effective options to block embarrassing lower body sweat stains.

Stop sign next to embarrassing butt sweat/

It’s really the last spot people want sweat stains to appear.


And while butt sweat and crotch sweat is a completely normal occurrence, any sweat that soaks through to your top layer in this area often creates an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation.


It’s common place in the summer months with rising temperatures for your body to sweat more in effort to stay cool, and that sweat often soaks right through the lighter fabrics we often wear in warmer weather.


Or if you’re someone with hyperhidrosis, you may experience sweating in this area on a regular basis, regardless of other environmental factors.


Whatever your cause of sweat may be, there are a few different ways you can block sweat from transferring to your pants and shorts.


Here, we’ll cover three different boxer brief options that you can utilize to address your specific sweating situation.


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1. Block sweat from reaching your top layer with a sweat proof design.


Our first sweat-stopping option is aimed at heavy sweaters and those with hyperhidrosis who are looking for an effective solution that’s easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe.  


Boxer briefs with specialty sweat-stopping designs and features can absorb a much larger volume of sweat while also creating a drier and more comfortable wearing experience.


These can also be a helpful garment-specific choice if you’re wearing khakis or a lighter fabric where you know you’re more likely to develop sweat marks.


So, if you’re a heavy sweater that needs extra sweat blocking protection, then you’ll want to go with the EJIS Sweat Proof Comfort Pouch Boxer Briefs.

Man wearing EJIS Sweat Proof Comfort Pouch Boxer Briefs.


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These boxer briefs feature a signature sweat-proof design with an impenetrable waterproof layer in the back and pouch area to keep you dry.


The also utilize an extra roomy Comfort Pouch that separates and cools, silver anti-odor technology for all-day fresh, and buttery soft micro modal fabric that’s light, breathable, and ultra-absorbent.

How the EJIS Sweat Proof Boxer Briefs work.
A sweat proof layer on the EJIS Boxer Brief blocks sweat from reaching your top layer.

Now, keep in mind, that the purpose of these boxer briefs is aimed at truly blocking sweat from reaching your top layer—and it does just that.


But the sweat-proof layer and design means some extra fabric in the protection area, so they are going to fit and feel a little different from your average pair of boxer briefs.


So, again, we recommend this option for heavy sweaters, those with hyperhidrosis, and situations where you’re looking for that extra certainty that sweat won’t reach your pants or shorts.



2. Try quick-drying fabric blends for better sweat management.


If you’re only dealing with a moderate level of sweat and feel you don’t necessarily need the extra barrier of sweat protection, consider wearing boxer briefs with a quick-drying fabric blend.


Many traditional boxer brief options utilize cotton fabric blends that are lightweight and comfortable but ultimately not great at handling sweat.  


As you’re likely already aware, when cotton absorbs sweat it becomes soggy, loses its shape, and can cause uncomfortable chafing and irritation.


Instead of cotton blends, opt for fabric blends that are naturally sweat-wicking and quick-drying, such as those that combine polyester or nylon with spandex or elastane.


These fabric blends disperse sweat from your body better, resulting in faster drying times and less of a likelihood that sweat will pool and soak your top layer.  


Additionally, the added spandex or elastane helps your boxer briefs retain shape so that there’s no irritation while you sweat.


A high-quality option in this fabric blend category is the Tommy John 360 Sport Boxer Briefs.

Man wearing Tommy John 360 Sport Boxer Briefs.


These boxer briefs feature a polyester and spandex stretch fabric that’s designed to handle performance while remaining comfortable enough for everyday wear.


These also have a stay-put waistband, a signature design that prevents riding up, and a supportive contour pouch with a Quick Draw horizontal fly.


So, while these fabric blends aren’t going to be quite as naturally breathable as fabrics like cotton, bamboo, etc., you will find that they’re lightweight, layer very comfortably, and dry much faster than other fabrics.



3. Look for extra breathable options to prevent over-heating.


If you find that you’re dealing with lower body sweat solely as a result of warm weather conditions, opt for boxer briefs that promote breathability.


Sweating is your body’s natural response to a rising internal temperature.


And if you’re wearing garments that aren’t very breathable, the energy your body generates gets trapped and further contributes to that overheating and sweating.  

Strategic ventilation on boxer briefs for breathability
Mack Weldon's AIRKNITx use strategic ventilation features to boost breathability.

Design features like strategic ventilation and extra lightweight and permeable fabric will allow body heat to escape and aid your body’s natural cooling process.


When it comes to breathability, one of the best boxer brief options on the market is the Mack Weldon AIRKNITx.

Man wearing Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs.

Shop at Mack Weldon: Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Collection

These boxer briefs feature a breathable performance design that keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable with moisture-wicking capabilities and targeted cool zone construction.


They also utilize a supportive flyless pouch, a comfortable no-roll waistband, and a stay-put leg design to minimize any fabric bunching.

For more breathable underwear options, check out our top picks for the best breathable boxer briefs, briefs, and trunks.


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