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The Best Men’s Bikini Briefs Available on Amazon Right Now 2024

Skip the aimless browsing and get your new pick in a few short days.

Man wearing bikini briefs available on Amazon.

Looking for a little help finding the best men’s bikini briefs on Amazon?

Well, look no further.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top picks that are currently available for 2024.

While there are a handful of great sites out there for shopping the best men’s bikini briefs (some of our favorites are Freshpair and HisRoom), if you’re looking to get your garments quickly, Amazon is usually the best way to go.

Keep in mind, however, that while Amazon does tend to have a good variety of brands and styles available, certain picks can go pretty fast and restocking isn’t always a sure thing.

So, if you see a pair that you love, be sure to grab it sooner than later.

How We Make Our Best Available on Amazon Picks


Shopping on Amazon is incredibly convenient.


It’s familiar, there’s a huge selection of items, and those items get delivered fast.


However, the downside of so many different options is that it can get a bit overwhelming, and it can also be difficult to discern between high-quality products and cheap knockoffs. 


We created the Best Available on Amazon list to filter out the riffraff, save you from endless scrolling, and better ensure you’re getting a high-quality product delivered to your doorstep.

The Underwear Review testing the Separatec SuperSoft Bikini Briefs.
Separatec SuperSoft Bikini Briefs Available on Amazon.


When it comes to making our picks, you’ll notice a lot of overlap between the picks here and those of our Most Comfortable List.


The Most Comfortable List prioritizes 3 characteristics: premium fabric blends, functional waistbands, and ergonomic features.


Very similar here, as we’re opting for trusted brands with high-quality fabric and design features.  


We’ve also discovered a few lesser-known gems for you that are sold exclusively through Amazon, like the Separatec SuperSoft Bikini Briefs pictured above, that are definitely worth a look. 

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by The Underwear Review. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Obviously PrimeMan Bikini Briefs

The Obviously PrimeMan Bikini Briefs have a special anatomical design that provides optimal comfort, support, and mobility. These bikini briefs were engineered with movement in mind: anatomical pouch support, no leg restriction, and breathable fabric.

Man wearing Obviously PrimeMan Bikini Briefs.

Available on Amazon: Obviously PrimeMan Bikini Briefs

Obviously’s PrimeMan Bikini has a flattering low-cut fit that rests at the hips and stays in place with a secure and comfy waistband. These bikini briefs are crafted with an extra soft and naturally sweat-wicking micro modal material.

Our Favorite Feature: Anatomical design maximizes comfort and support.

2. Jack Adams Bikini Briefs

The Jack Adams Bikini Briefs pair a clean streamlined look with luxuriously soft modal fabric. This bikini features a high-cut leg and a natural contoured pouch that perfectly conforms to your anatomy for all-day comfort.

Man wearing Jack Adams Bikini Briefs.

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams Bikini Briefs

Jack Adams’ Bikini Briefs feature an extra soft and lightweight modal and elastane fabric blend for a smooth fit with a touch of stretch. This bikini utilizes flat seams to reduce unwanted friction and a layered elastic waistband for extra comfort.

Our Favorite Feature: Luxurious modal fabric in streamlined look.

3. Jack Adams Modal Muscle Briefs

The Jack Adams Modal Muscle Briefs feature an ultra-soft micro-modal fabric in a flattering bikini cut that maximizes movement. These bikini briefs sport full seat coverage in the back with soft and stylish contrast binding.

Man wearing Jack Adams Modal Muscle Briefs.

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams Modal Muscle Briefs


Jack Adams’ Modal Muscle Briefs utilize a contour pouch with double-stitched trim for support and a covered elastic waistband for comfort. These bikini briefs have a touch of elastane stretch for the perfect fit and are available in several color options.


Our Favorite Feature: Ultra-soft micro-modal fabric in flattering bikini cut.

4. Separatec SuperSoft Cotton Modal Bikini Briefs

The Separatec SuperSoft Cotton Modal Bikini Briefs feature a breathable and lightweight cotton-modal fabric that’s extra comfortable for extended wear. These bikini briefs utilize a patented dual pouch that separates for comfort and support.

Man wearing Separatec SuperSoft Cotton Modal Bikini Briefs.

Separatec’s SuperSoft Cotton Modal Bikini Briefs have a tagless comfort flex waistband and functional fly for quick and easy access. These bikini briefs feature a fashionable design in a relaxed and slim fit.

Our Favorite Feature: Signature Separatec dual pouch.

5. Intymen Obscene Bikini

The Intymen Obscene Bikini features a soft and sleek fabric in a supportive low-rise design that sits below the waist. These bikini briefs provide contour seam pouch support and a wide incorporated waistband that comfortably stays in place.

Man wearing Intymen Obscene Bikini.

Available on Amazon: Intymen Obscene Bikini

Intymen’s Obscene Bikini has a silky polyamide and spandex fabric blend with a side strap open leg design. These bikini briefs offer the ideal mix of style and comfort that’s perfect for any occasion.

Our Favorite Feature: Sleek fabric with wide incorporated waistband.

6. HOM Plume Bikini Briefs

The HOM Plume Bikini Briefs feature a comfortable polyamide elastane fabric that’s featherlight and incredibly soft to the touch. These bikini briefs have a sleek micro-cut design that fits like a second skin and is invisible under clothing.

Man wearing HOM Plume Bikini Briefs.

Available on Amazon: HOM Plume Bikini Briefs 

HOM’ Plume Bikini Briefs utilize a quick-drying fabric that’s resistant to friction and a thin centimeter-wide elastic waistband stays put without squeezing your waist. Available in several classic colors.

Our Favorite Feature: Featherlight fabric with second skin fit.

7. HOM Classic Tanga Brief

The HOM Classic Tanga Brief features a classic bikini cut in an extra comfortable cotton modal fabric with natural material that’s soft to the touch. These bikini briefs have an elastic logo waistband, no-fly design, and are great for everyday wear.

Man wearing HOM Classic Tanga Brief.

Available on Amazon: HOM Classic Tanga Brief 

HOM’s Classic Tanga Brief has an ultra-soft microfiber waistband that stays put without squeezing and has a mat and shiny style. These bikini briefs are naturally friction-resistant and provide optimal freedom of movement.

Our Favorite Feature: Natural cotton modal for an extra soft feel.

8. Daniel Alexander Slip Bikini

The Daniel Alexander Slip Bikini has a slightly elevating pouch in a sleek cut that offers great breathability. The front pouch has a supportive center seam while the backside has a flattering cheeky cut.

Man wearing Daniel Alexander Slip Bikini.

Available on Amazon: Daniel Alexander Slip Bikini

Daniel Alexander’s Slip Bikini utilizes a comfortable and stretchy polyamide and spandex fabric blend. This bikini has a sleek cut that rests low on the hips for a great no-show fit that stays snuggly in place.

Our Favorite Feature: Sleek cut with lifting characteristics.

9. BANGWEAR Pro Sport Briefs

The BANGWEAR Pro Sport Briefs feature an ultra-smooth and breathable nylon elastane fabric blend for a comfortable, supportive, and stretchy fit.

Man wearing BANGWEAR Pro Sport Briefs.

Available on Amazon: BANGWEAR Pro Sport Briefs


BANGWEAR’s Pro Sport Briefs sport a classic low-rise bikini cut, a wide stay-put microfiber waistband, and are available in several color options.


Our Favorite Feature: Ultra-smooth fabric in comfortable performance fit.

10. BANGWEAR Retro Tanga Briefs

The BANGWEAR Retro Tanga Briefs emphasize a natural design with 100% ribbed knit cotton for an effortlessly cozy and retro lux feel.

Man wearing BANGWEAR Retro Tanga Briefs.

Available on Amazon: BANGWEAR Retro Tanga Briefs


BANGWEAR’s Retro Tanga Briefs feature a stay-put elastic waistband, classic low-rise bikini cut, and are available in several color options.


Our Favorite Feature: 100% ribbed knit cotton in retro lux design.

11. Agacio Soft Bikini

The Agacio Soft Bikini has a sleek and sporty design that provides great pouch support while remaining extra comfortable. These bikini briefs utilize a nylon, polyester, and spandex fabric blend that’s silky smooth to the touch and offers optimal mobility.

Man wearing Agacio Soft Bikini.

Available on Amazon: Agacio Soft Bikini 

Agacio’s Soft Bikini has a shiny and supportive one-inch waistband and come in three colors. These bikini briefs have a classic cut that offers fuller coverage in the back with stretchy hemlines that stay put.

Our Favorite Feature: Comfortable fabric in sporty design.

12. 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Sport Briefs

The 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Sport Briefs feature a classic bikini cut with a contour pouch in the front for added support and seamless full coverage in the back. These bikini briefs utilize a sporty design with high-cut leg openings.

Man wearing 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Sport Briefs.

Available on Amazon: 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Sport Briefs 

2(X)IST’s Cotton Stretch Sport Briefs have a cotton and spandex fabric blend that provides all-day comfort with added stretch and breathability. These bikini briefs feature a low-rise cut and elastic waistband with logo detailing.

Our Favorite Feature: Classic bikini cut in a sporty design.

13. Joe Snyder Capri Bikini

The Joe Snyder Capri Bikini features a lean bikini cut with minimal rear coverage and a low-rise fit. This bikini has stretchy microfiber fabric with a sleek finish and a smooth barely-there feel.

Man wearing Joe Snyder Capri Bikini.

Available on Amazon: Joe Snyder Capri Bikini 

Joe Snyder’s Capri Bikini utilize a soft and breathable polyamide and spandex fabric blend that’s stretchy and great for everyday wear. This bikini has a higher leg cut for a more revealing look and a contour pouch for definition and support.

Our Favorite Feature: Lean bikini cut in sleek and smooth microfiber fabric.

14. Meshal Low-Rise Bikini Briefs

The Meshal Low-Rise Bikini Briefs feature a super breathable and comfortable design with a signature 3D convex pouch for support without constriction. These bikini briefs sport high quality modal fabric with a silky touch and are available in multiple colors.

Man wearing Meshal Low-Rise Bikini Briefs.

Available on Amazon: Meshal Low-Rise Bikini Briefs

Meshal’s Low-Rise Bikini Briefs utilize a low-rise ergonomic design that enhances the double-layered pouch and sits below your natural waistline. These bikini briefs have a soft and thin elastic waistband and non-irritating tag print.

Our Favorite Feature: Enhancing 3D convex pouch.

15. Summer Code Micro Mesh Bikini Briefs

The Summer Code Micro Mesh Bikini Briefs feature a comfortable and breathable mesh material in a sporty cut. These bikini briefs have a full back design with a contoured pouch in the front for extra comfort and support.

Man wearing Summer Code Micro Mesh Bikini Briefs.

Summer Code’s Micro Mesh Bikini Briefs utilize a perfect-fit elastic waistband and a high-quality nylon and spandex fabric blend that’s soft and stretchy.

Our Favorite Feature: Breathable mesh material in sporty cut.

16. Summer Code Ruched Back Bikini Briefs

The Summer Code Ruched Back Bikini Briefs feature a sleek and stylish design with a ruched back that offers flattering definition.

Man wearing Summer Code Ruched Back Bikini Briefs.

Summer Code’s Ruched Back Bikini Briefs have a comfortable nylon fabric, string side straps, and a boosting front pouch. Available in multiple colors.

Our Favorite Feature: Flattering ruched back design.

If you’re looking for some great bikini briefs to add to your underwear drawer, be sure to check out our picks for the Most Comfortable Bikini Briefs.

And if you’re looking for additional underwear choices available on Amazon, check out the rest of our Amazon Top Picks.


Most Comfortable Series

Best Picks on Amazon

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