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The Benefits of Wearing Pantyhose for Men

Learn how and when pantyhose are a great choice for men.

Man enjoying pantyhose benefits.

If you’re new to the idea of wearing pantyhose, you might be wondering why a man would opt to wear pantyhose in the first place.

Are they even comfortable? Do they offer any support? Does the style work for men?

Well, the answer to all of the above is: Yes!

While pantyhose have largely been marketed toward and worn by women for several decades, the style has continued to grow in popularity among men in recent years.

And this growing trend means more brands starting to offer pantyhose specifically designed with men in mind, leading to improved comfort and functionality.

So, whether you’re looking to start incorporating pantyhose into your everyday wear or just curious about what they have to offer, you’ll want to check out these great benefits of wearing pantyhose for men.

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Pantyhose Benefit 1: Improved Fit from Your Pants

This is a great place to start because this benefit consistently ranks as the most pleasant surprise for new pantyhose wearers.

You might be generally shocked at how much nicer your pants fit when you opt for a pair of pantyhose beneath them.

Try the Threads For Men Sheer Fly Tights for a great everyday wear option specifically designed to optimize comfort for men.

Man wearing Threads For Men Sheer Fly Tights.

In your everyday wear, not only will your slacks fit better but they’ll feel better too (i.e. no bunching, bulking, twisting, riding up, etc.).

This is especially true if you’re someone who favors a tailored look from your pants and prefer a sleek and seamless presentation.

And the great thing about a better fit from your clothing is that your overall appearance enjoys a boost, as well.

Pantyhose Benefit 2: Better Dress Sock Alternative

An improved pants fit isn’t the only great benefit you’ll enjoy from your pantyhose.

If you opt for pantyhose under your dress pants, you can skip the dress socks altogether for a better alternative.

In fact, wearing pantyhose as dress socks is one of the most common uses of pantyhose among men.

The Threads Sheer-To-Waist Tights provide a sheer toe for a barely-there feel that’s breathable and comfortable for all-day wear.

Man wearing Threads Sheer-To-Waist Tights.

When you opt to wear a pair of pantyhose instead of dress socks, right away you’ll notice just how smooth the pantyhose fit over your foot and how smooth your foot fits in your shoe.

Of course, there are several quality dress sock options out there today that can emulate this smooth fit but where pantyhose stand apart is how this smooth fit then extends all the way up to your waist.

Pantyhose eliminate any of the bunching or shifting around that can happen with socks while maintaining a consistent fit that stays up and stays put.

Pantyhose Benefit 3: Boost Leg Circulation

There are also a few very practical reasons that make pantyhose worth exploring.

For example, if you have a job or hobby that requires you stand for long hours at a time, pantyhose will help to reduce swelling and fatigue by improving circulation in your legs.

Pantyhose are a comfortable and effective solution for many minor circulatory problems, varicose veins, and so on.

Certain pantyhose offerings provide extra compression to boost circulation benefits, such as these pantyhose from Truform.

Truform Sheer Compression Pantyhose

Perhaps you’ve heard of the circulatory benefits compression socks offer when traveling.

Well, pantyhose can provide those same circulation benefits with the bonus of extending them to your entire lower body.

So, the next time you’re going on a flight or traveling a long distance by car, consider using pantyhose to boost your circulation.

Pantyhose Benefit 4: Superior Comfort

No matter what pair of underwear or socks you choose to wear, throughout the day you’re going to experience some form of fabric bunching, twisting, or rolling.

It’s not that these garments are flawed or inferior, it’s just how looser-fitting garments behave when worn over our active limbs and joints.

Think of all the movement your hips, groin, glutes, ankles, and feet carry out on any given day.

When it comes to pantyhose, however, this isn’t the case.

Pantyhose have a snug second-skin fit that’s incredibly stretchy and lightweight.

This means no twisting, rolling, or bunching, as your pantyhose will comfortably mold to the contours of your body.

If you’re looking for a comfortable fit with a velvety fine feel, check out the Seidenglatt 15 Denier Tights from Falke.

Falke Seidenglatt 15 Denier Tights

Granted, if you’re trying pantyhose out for the first time, they will feel a little different than what you’re used to, just as any clothing garment would.

But as you adjust to this new option, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable you feel throughout the day.

Comfort should always be a priority!

Pantyhose Benefit 5: Lightweight Warmth

If you’re experiencing chilly weather or live in a colder climate, pantyhose offer a sleek and lightweight base layer solution for added warmth without adding any extra bulk.

So sleek and lightweight in fact that they can even serve as a base layer beneath your base layer.

For example, cyclists, skiers, and other athletes that wear snug compression garments can add pantyhose beneath their tights for a little extra warmth without adding any bulk and losing the benefits of their tight-fitting garments.

These Satin Touch 20 Tights from Wolford are perfect for a little extra warmth while remaining breathable and lightweight.

Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights

Available on Amazon: Wolford Satin Touch 20 Tights

While long underwear options are great for keeping you warm and toasty during the cold winter months, pantyhose offer a convenient and versatile layering option that works great at any time of the year.

Pantyhose Benefit 6: Stylish Confidence

While many men that wear pantyhose tend to keep them covered up with a top layer, some fashion-forward men like to incorporate pantyhose in a more visible and prominent way.

Whether worn under shorts, appearing through tears in their pants, or any other creative way, pantyhose can be a bold and exciting style choice.

Keep in mind that pantyhose come in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and designs that extend well beyond the classic beige and black colors.

If you’re looking for stylish pantyhose patterns for men, check out the Emilio Cavallini Mantyhose.

Man wearing Emilio Cavallini Mantyhose.

Shop at Emilio Cavallini: Emilio Cavallini Mantyhose

And no matter your body type, pantyhose are a great way to maintain a sleek, streamlined appearance.

Not only will you enjoy a polished look but also a nice boost to your self-esteem, as well.

And for more great pantyhose options for men, check out our full list of the top pantyhose picks for men.


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