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Can Men Wear Pantyhose?

Here’s what to know about adding pantyhose to your repertoire.

Man wearing pantyhose with business attire.

Whether you’re just a little curious or perhaps considering trying out a pair for yourself, you’re here because you’re wondering if it’s okay for men to wear pantyhose.

This may come as a bit of shock, but not only is it okay for men to wear pantyhose—plenty do!

There’s any number of reasons why a man would opt to wear pantyhose.

While not typically considered a menswear garment, many men have come to discover that wearing pantyhose is not only very comfortable but that they also provide several beneficial functions, as well.

If this is news to you, you’ll likely find a lot of the information here helpful.

We’ll give you the lowdown on what makes for a good pair of pantyhose for men, where you can buy them, when to wear them, and all the benefits they have to offer.

And if you’re thinking about trying out pantyhose for the first time, we offer our top recommendations for those that are just getting started.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by The Underwear Review. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

Are Pantyhose Comfortable for Men to Wear?

Lately, the market for pantyhose has been expanding and you can now find pantyhose, nylons, and hosiery going by the names mantyhose, guylons, brosiery.

Whatever you choose to call them, pantyhose have been a long time favorite among more men than you might think and they continue to grow in popularity by the day.

For the unfamiliar and uninitiated pantyhose wearer, this often leads to the very basic question of whether pantyhose are even comfortable for men to wear.

Because pantyhose and tights are largely marketed toward women, most men are completely unaware of their comfortable fit and feel.

Typically worn by men under their pants and out of sight, pantyhose provide a sleek and comfortable base layer known to boost circulation and reduce muscle fatigue in your legs.

Various black and tan pantyhose.

Keep in mind, however, that this not the case with cheaply made pantyhose and tights that often tear, run, and fit poorly.

Poor quality pantyhose are irritating and uncomfortable just as any pair of underwear or other garment is when it ignores the crucial details.

Quality fabric and design play an important role in constructing high-quality pantyhose.

Another important element that may boost your comfort and overall experience with pantyhose is opting for a pair that’s specifically designed for men.

While any pair of high-quality pantyhose will provide plenty of comfort so long as you get the sizing right, you may find certain design features geared toward men will make your pantyhose experience even slightly more enjoyable.

Features like a brief area with a supportive pouch and fly can be very convenient, as well as a more flexible waistband, greater length in the legs, and additional sweat-wicking capability.

What Is a Good Pair Pantyhose for Getting Started?

Looking to try out a pair of pantyhose but not sure where to start?

With the wide variety of different styles and designs to choose from, this uncertainty is a common starting point for most men.

Add this to the fact that the vast majority of pantyhose, tights, and hosiery products are marketed toward women and the confusion can really start to mount.

It may seem overwhelming but with a little guidance getting started with pantyhose can actually be a fun and easy experience.

Bear in mind that a poor first experience could turn you off from wearing pantyhose altogether (though this would be a mistake!).

So, if you’re looking for a great pair of pantyhose to get you started, we recommend the Men’s Starter Bundle from Threads.

Threads Men's Starter Bundle of Pantyhose

This collection features their top four selling tights with men to help you find your favorite style (though there’s a good chance you’ll end up liking all four).

Each of the four pairs offered in this collection feature super comfortable double-covered yarn in a durable 3D construction designed to last, as well as enhanced leg length for a more realistic fit.

Or if you’re looking to start off with just a single pair, go with the TFM Sheer Fly Contour Tights (TFM = Tights For Men).

These pantyhose are specifically designed with feedback from men to provide comfort for men.

The TFM Sheer Fly Contour Tights have a hand-sewn flat seam brief area with a fly for convenience and cotton gusset for maximum breathability.

These pantyhose also have a supportive pouch, reinforced toe with a barely there feel, and are available in classic black and tan colors.

For men, it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to pantyhose.

However, the recommendations provided here are great options for starting out and serve as fool-proof introductions to just how comfortable and enjoyable pantyhose can be.

And for more great pantyhose options, check out our full list of the top pantyhose picks for men.

When you get the fit right with a pair of these pantyhose, you won’t want to ever take them off!

When Would a Man Wear Pantyhose?

You might choose to wear pantyhose for any number of different reasons, as they offer many different benefits.

As we mentioned earlier, there are lots of men out there that wear pantyhose to fulfill a variety of practical functions.

In your everyday wear, you’ll notice how nice pantyhose fit under your pants, especially with more tailored fits.

Not only will your pants fit better (no bunching, riding-up, etc.) but you’ll notice an improved streamlined appearance, as well.

Pantyhose providing a smooth leg fit.

How pantyhose fit under your pants isn’t the only practical reason for wearing them.

If you have a job or hobby that requires you stand for long hours at a time, pantyhose will help to reduce swelling and fatigue by improving circulation in your legs.

Going on a flight or long car trip? Certain brands of pantyhose, especially support pantyhose, can provide the same benefits as compression socks when traveling.

For those in colder weather conditions and climates, pantyhose work as a sleek and lightweight layer for added warmth without any extra bulk.

Some fashion-forward men even incorporate pantyhose and tights into their outfits in more visible roles—under shorts and appearing through tears in their pants (etc.).

Can Men Wear Pantyhose as Alternative to Dress Socks?

Remember how men used to wear sock garters to keep their socks from slipping down their legs?

They would have been better off wearing a pair of pantyhose.

And while the introduction of spandex into sock fabric blends has since rendered sock garters obsolete, pantyhose remain a great alternative to dress socks.

In fact, wearing pantyhose as dress socks is one of the most common uses of pantyhose among men.

Pantyhose options for everyday wear.

When you opt to wear a pair of pantyhose instead of dress socks, right away you’ll notice just how smooth the pantyhose fit over your foot and how smooth your foot fits in your shoe.

Of course, there are several quality dress sock options out there today that can emulate this smooth fit but where pantyhose stand apart is how this smooth fit then extends all the way up to your waist.

Pantyhose eliminate any of the bunching or shifting around that can happen with socks.

And they also provide a seamless and polished look under your dress pants, i.e. no undergarment lines or bunching.

On top of their smooth and consistent fit, you get to enjoy all the other benefits offered by pantyhose, as well.

What Brands Sell Pantyhose for Men?

When it comes to finding a pantyhose brand that designs and sells pantyhose specifically with men in mind, you’re only going to find a handful of them.

Two of the best brands out there that do sell pantyhose specifically designed for men are Threads and Emilio Cavallini.

Despite this limited offering, many pantyhose brands are aware of their many male buyers and have embraced the unisex application of their products.

Opened package of pantyhose.

Keep in mind, even though the vast majority of pantyhose and tights are marketed toward women, nearly any pair of pantyhose can also be worn by a man.

There isn’t anything about the design of pantyhose for women that would make them inherently uncomfortable or unsuitable for men.

Popular pantyhose and tights brands, such as Falke and Wolford, are available and easy to buy on Amazon.

That being said, if you’re looking for the best pantyhose fit and experience opt for a brand that specifically caters to men, as there will be a few tweaks in design that will help them provide the perfect fit and feel.

And for more great pantyhose options for men, check out our full list of the top pantyhose picks for men.


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