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Benefits of Wearing a Thong for Men

Learn how and when a thong is the best underwear choice.

Man wearing a high-quality thong.

If you’re new to the idea of wearing a thong, you might be wondering why someone would opt for a thong over other underwear options.

Are they even comfortable? Do they offer any support? Does the style work for men?

Well, the answer to all of the above is: Yes!

While thong underwear has been a popular choice among women for quite a while now, the style continues to grow in popularity among men, as well.

And this growing trend means more brands offering a better variety with improved design, comfort, and functionality.

In the past, thong underwear for men was something of a limited-wear, special occasion option.

Today, however, there are a variety of thong styles available to men for all occasions, including everyday wear.

So, whether you’re looking to start incorporating a thong into your underwear rotation or just curious about what a thong might have to offer, you’ll want to check out these 6 great benefits of wearing a thong for men.

Thong Benefit 1: Improved Fit

We’re starting off with this benefit because it consistently ranks as the most pleasant surprise for new thong wearers.

You might be generally shocked at how much nicer your pants fit when you opt for thong underwear.

In your everyday wear, not only will your bottoms fit better but they’ll feel better too (i.e. no bunching, bulking, twisting, riding up, etc.).

This is especially true if you’re someone who favors a tailored look where the pants, shorts, and so on, are more form-fitting in nature.

And here’s the thing about a better fit from your clothing, your overall appearance is going to get a boost, as well.

A great everyday wear thong is the Obviously PrimeMan Thong.

Obviously PrimeMan Thong showcasing the improved fit of thongs.

Available on Amazon: Obviously PrimeMan Thong

While guys haven’t typically been known to be as concerned with visible underwear lines in the way that ladies often dread a visible panty line (VPL), you might find yourself surprised at how much cleaner and sharper you look.

Thong Benefit 2: Better Breathability

How they fit under clothing isn’t the only great benefit to enjoy.

If you’re in a warmer climate or experiencing particularly hot weather, you’ll notice that opting for a thong keeps you much cooler than any other underwear option.

Not only is it less fabric clinging to your body, but the design also lends itself to breathability. It’s a bit like going commando but still maintaining support for your precious cargo.

If you’re facing high humidity, going with a thong is a great way to stay cool and maintain body temperature so as not to overheat.

Try the Intymen Sport Thong for breathable mesh fabric.

Intymen Sport Thong showcasing the better breathability of thongs.

Available on Amazon: Intymen Sport Thong

That barely there coverage not only keeps things light and breezy but comes with an added hygiene benefit.

The improved ventilation and breathability of a thong also cuts down on sweat buildup and lessens the potential for bacteria and infection.

Make sure you wash your thongs on a regular basis and you’ll be sure to stay dry, fresh, and ready to go.

Thong Benefit 3: Superior Comfort

No matter what pair of boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs you wear, throughout the day you’re going to experience some form of fabric twisting, rolling at the legs, or bunching in the back.

It’s not that these garments are flawed or inferior, it’s just that they’re designed to be worn over highly active joints and limbs.

Think of all the movement your hips, groin, and glutes carry out on any given day.

When it comes to a thong, however, this isn’t the case. A thong is designed to sit or rest on your waist with fabric running between your glutes.

This means no twisting, rolling legs, or bunching.

Most thongs designed for men also give special attention to proper anatomical aspects, making them a comfortable all-day wear option.

Try the Gregg Homme Room-Max Thong for superior comfort.

Man wearing the Gregg Homme Room-Max Thong.

Additionally, there’s a misconception about thongs from the uninitiated who assume that they provide a 24/7 uncomfortable wedgie.

When, in fact, you’ll see that a well-fitting thong actually eliminates wedgies and all other uncomfortable fabric movement, bunching, and slipping.

Granted, if you’re trying a thong out for the first time, it will feel a little different than what you’re used to, just as any clothing garment would.

But as you adjust from the familiar feeling of your old underwear to this new option that is light and comfortable, you’ll be happy that you tried it out.

Comfort should always be a priority when choosing your underwear!

Thong Benefit 4: Targeted Support

You might be thinking to yourself, how could a thong and its seemingly small amount of fabric possibly offer an adequate level of support?

Well, if you’re having these doubts, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you try one on for a spin.

Nowadays, there are plenty of thong options available that are designed to offer great support for everyday wear.

Not only that, but many prefer how a thong offers targeted pouch support without any constrictive fabric extending to your hips, thighs, and glutes.

For great targeted support, try a Joe Snyder thong.

Joe Snyder Thong showcasing the targeted support of thongs.

Shop at Joe Snyder: Joe Snyder Thong

Note, however, that it’s true not every thong style offers great support. For example, a skimpy g-string or lacey number might not get the job done when we’re talking extended wear or lots of mobility.

So, when you’re looking for a thong option with great support, look to its waistband and fabric blend.

If you’re looking for great support, consider thong options with a sturdy elastic waistband and fabric blends similar in nature to athletic compression wear.

Typically, these are fabric blends of nylon and lycra (or spandex), which give you that stretchy, supportive, and comfortable feel (quick-drying and breathable too!).

Thong Benefit 5: Eyeful Enhancement

Whether you’re specifically looking for this or not, most thongs tend to offer some degree of package enhancement simply by their very design.

While some styles are purposefully designed to offer enhancing capabilities, others end up providing some just by providing proper support to your anatomy.

For a little boost, check out the Gregg Homme Voyeur Thong.

Gregg Homme Voyeur Thong showcasing enhancing effect of thongs.

Shop at HisRoom: Gregg Homme Voyeur Thong

If you’re looking for a thong that will expressly provide this sort of enhancement, keep an eye out for options specifically marketed as “pouch enhancing.”

As we mentioned, though, many thong styles provide some degree of this and will often mention it in the product description when it’s noticeable.

Thong Benefit 6: Stylish Confidence

With a quick peruse of any thong selection, this last benefit should be pretty obvious.

And if you’re not picking up what we’re laying down, we’ll put it simply: thongs are a sexy underwear option!

The Agacio Slip Thong has a stylish and sleek appearance.

Agacio Slip Thong showcasing the stylish confidence of thongs.

Available on Amazon: Agacio Slip Thong

No matter your body type, wearing a thong is a great way to show it off. Nothing says confidence quite like sporting a thong.

Not only will this look boost your self-esteem but your partner is sure to appreciate the sexy look too.

You can thank us later.

BONUS Benefit: Get That Great Tan!

Here’s a little bonus benefit for those of you looking for that great natural tan.

If you’re someone that hates the look of blocky tan lines covering large parts of your body, opt for a thong the next time you’re laying out in the sun.

For a great tanning option try the Joe Snyder G-String.

Daniel Alexander Micro G-String great for tanning.

Shop at Joe Snyder: Joe Snyder G-String

The minimal fabric of a thong exposes more of your skin to the sun for an even tan all over your body.

Not only will this help you achieve your perfect tan, but it’s easily the most comfortable and breathable option for a hot and humid sunny day.

Looking for more great thong options to add to your rotation? Check out our picks for the Most Comfortable Thongs.


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