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The Most Comfortable Jockstraps for Men 2023

Underwear’s most highly sought-after characteristic: Comfort.

Man wearing comfortable jockstrap.

This installment in our Most Comfortable Underwear Series is all about the most comfortable jockstraps for men. And when we use the term comfortable, you might be wondering what level of comfort we’re actually talking about here.

To make our Most Comfortable List, we’re talking about underwear that fits like a second skin. Underwear that you’re actually happy to put on and then forget you’re even wearing levels of comfort.

Now, of course, we know that men come in all different shapes and sizes, not to mention have different preferences when it comes to support, fabric type, etc.

For this reason, it’s difficult to promise that each jockstrap listed here is going to fit and feel perfect to you.

So, while there may be some scrolling and a little trial and error involved, we’re confident that you’ll find an incredibly comfortable jockstrap on this list that fits just right and becomes your new favorite.

Go ahead, grab one or a few, and step into your most comfortable jockstrap.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by The Underwear Review. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Obviously PrimeMan Jockstrap

The Obviously PrimeMan Jockstrap features an anatomically shaped pouch for comfortable support while offering a commando-like feel. This jockstrap has an extra comfortable micro modal and lycra fabric blend that’s moisture-wicking and incredibly soft.

Man wearing Obviously PrimeMan Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Obviously PrimeMan Jockstrap

Available on Amazon: Obviously PrimeMan Jockstrap

Obviously’s PrimeMan Jockstrap features a silky smooth waistband that stays put and has a low-rise fit. This jockstrap has elastic straps that comfortably cup your glutes while allowing a full-range of motion.

Best Feature: Anatomical design maximizes comfort and support.

2. Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap

The Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap features a performance design with soft mesh fabric for all-day comfort. This jockstrap has a stylish sporty look and a contour pouch for optimal support.

Man wearing Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap.

Shop at Freshpair: Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams Nano Jockstrap

Jack Adams’ Nano Jockstrap utilizes flat seams for a smooth irritation-free fit and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. This jockstrap has a classic low-rise fit that sits below the waistline.

Best Feature: Soft mesh fabric in sporty design.

3. Jack Adams COMFYFIT Jockstrap

The Jack Adams COMFYFIT Jockstrap pairs soft cotton stretch material for incredible comfort with bold and playful patterns for a fun style.

Man wearing Jack Adams COMFYFIT Jockstrap.

Shop at Freshpair: Jack Adams COMFYFIT Jockstrap

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams COMFYFIT Jockstrap

Jack Adams’ COMFYFIT Jockstrap features a contoured pouch for comfortable support, a classic low-rise fit, and a no-roll elastic waistband.

Best Feature: Comfortable cotton stretch material.

4. 2(X)IST Sliq Jockstrap

The 2(X)IST Sliq Jockstrap features a sleek low-rise silhouette in a premium fabric that’s supportive, soft, and flexible. This jockstrap has an ultra-smooth design with dual supportive straps and high-cut leg openings.

Man wearing 2(X)IST Sliq Micro Jockstrap.

Shop at 2(X)IST: 2(X)IST Sliq Jockstrap

2(X)IST’s Sliq Jockstrap has a supportive contour pouch and comfortable elastic waistband. This jockstrap is available in a wide variety of stylish colors and prints.

Best Feature: Sleek silhouette with soft and smooth fabric.

5. 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

The 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Jockstrap features a dual supportive strap design and high-cut leg openings. This jockstrap has a soft-stretch cotton and spandex fabric blend that’s lightweight for a barely-there fit.

Man wearing 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Jockstrap.

Shop at 2(X)IST: 2(X)IST Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

2(X)IST’s Cotton Stretch Jockstrap has an original contour pouch for added support and an extra boost of comfort. This jockstrap features an elastic logo waistband and comes in a convenient 3-pack.

Best Feature: Soft and stretchy cotton spandex fabric blend.

6. Intymen Proud Jockstrap

The Intymen Proud Jockstrap is a perfect blend of comfort, support, and style. This jockstrap features an intelligent 4-way stretch design that accommodates movement without any irritation or discomfort.

Man wearing Intymen Proud Jockstrap.

Shop at Freshpair: Intymen Proud Jockstrap

Available on Amazon: Intymen Proud Jockstrap

Intymen’s Proud Jockstrap utilizes an extra soft polyamide and spandex fabric blend that has a smooth and lightweight feel on your skin. This jockstrap has a wide and soft elastic waistband, a functional front pouch, and supportive leg bands for your glutes.

Best Feature: Sleek and classic look with extra comfortable fit.

7. Gregg Homme Room-Max Jockstrap

The Gregg Homme Room-Max Jockstrap has a unique inner front panel construction that provides a gentle lift for improved freedom and slight volume enhancement. This jockstrap is crafted with a soft hyper stretch microfiber and a stable 1.5-inch waistband.

Man wearing Gregg Homme Room-Max Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Gregg Homme Room-Max Jockstrap

Gregg Homme’s Room-Max Jockstrap has stretchy and breathable qualities and comes in several flattering colors. This jockstrap has a silky smooth nylon spandex blend that offers great stretch and breathability for all-day wear.

Best Feature: Room-Max front pouch for freedom and enhancement.

8. Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap

The Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap features an extra lightweight and breathable polyamide and spandex fabric blend with a stylish wet look. This jockstrap has a snug and supportive body contouring fit while remaining soft and stretchy.

Man wearing Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Gregg Homme Boytoy Jockstrap

Gregg Homme’s Boytoy Jockstrap utilizes a center-seamed pouch for definition in the front and supportive straps that provide an enhancing lift in the back.

Best Feature: Lightweight and breathable in stylish wet look.

9. Emporio Armani Megalogo Jockstrap

The Emporio Armani Megalogo Jockstrap utilizes a soft knit contour pouch that’s supportive and extra comfortable with covered elastic on the edges. This jockstrap has a classic low-rise design and wide elastic straps to stay in place.

Man wearing Emporio Armani Megalogo Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Emporio Armani Megalogo Jockstrap

Emporio Armani’s Megalogo Jockstrap has a soft and stretchy cotton and spandex fabric blend and a flyless construction. This jockstrap features an exposed elastic waistband with a “mega” Emporio Armani logo.

Best Feature: Contour pouch with covered elastic for extra comfort.

10. Emporio Armani Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

The Emporio Armani Cotton Stretch Jockstrap provides an extra comfortable fit by pairing high-quality cotton with stretchy elastane. This jockstrap has a contour pouch with a supporting vertical seam and a classic low-rise fit.

Man wearing Emporio Armani Cotton Stretch Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Emporio Armani Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

Emporio Armani’s Cotton Stretch Jockstrap features a 4-way stretch cotton knit and wide elastic straps that are both soft and supportive. This jockstrap has a stylish contrast logo waistband and comes in a 2-pack.

Best Feature: High-quality cotton stretch fabric.

11. Joe Snyder Activewear Jockstrap

The Joe Snyder Activewear Jockstrap features a sporty design that’s great for wearing to the gym or any activity. This jockstrap has an ergonomically designed pouch that comfortably cradles while offering full support.

Man wearing Joe Snyder Activewear Jockstrap.

Shop at Joe Snyder: Joe Snyder Activewear Jockstrap

Joe Snyder’s Activewear Jockstrap offers a silky fabric feel that fits great under tight clothing without bunching or showing any lines. This jockstrap has an extra plush waistband, durable side bands, and is available in multiple colors.

Best Feature: Sporty design with silky soft feel.

12. Nike Breathe Jockstrap

The Nike Breathe Jockstrap is a comfortable and supportive option designed to handle tough workouts. This jockstrap has a comfortable mesh pouch with a base lining for breathability and a vertical contour seam for support.

Man wearing Nike Breathe Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Nike Breathe Jockstrap

Nike’s Breathe Jockstrap features Dri-FIT technology to wick sweat and keep you feeling cool and dry through activity. This jockstrap has a wide elastic waistband, stretchy material for optimal mobility, and a classic low-rise fit.

Best Feature: Perfect blend of comfort and support for activity.

13. Agacio Jockstrap

The Agacio Jockstrap features a simple yet stylish design in several classic colors. This jockstrap has a low-rise fit, a supportive front pouch, and a silver elastic waistband with a wider length to stay comfortably in place.

Man wearing Agacio Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Agacio Jockstrap

Available on Amazon: Agacio Jockstrap

Agacio’s Jockstrap utilizes a comfy viscose and spandex fabric blend that’s silky smooth and soft against your skin. This jockstrap has supportive elastic leg bands that fit comfortably and offer slight lift to your glutes.

Best Feature: Stay-put silver waistband with lifting leg bands.

14. Papi Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

The Papi Cotton Stretch Jockstrap features a modern low-rise fit in a classic design. This jockstrap has a supportive contour pouch with a center seam and a cushioned waistband for long lasting comfort.

Man wearing Papi Cotton Stretch Jockstrap.

Shop at HisRoom: Papi Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

Available on Amazon: Papi Cotton Stretch Jockstrap

Papi’s Cotton Stretch Jockstrap has a comfortable cotton and spandex fabric blend that’s durable, retains its shape, and is highly resistant to color fade when washing and drying.

Best Feature: Comfortable and durable design.

15. C-IN2 C-Theory Jockstrap

The C-IN2 C-Theory Jockstrap features a classic low-rise jockstrap design that’s durable, stretchy, and comfortable. This jockstrap has a textured cotton and spandex fabric with single rib-knit binding that’s soft to the touch.

Man wearing C-IN2 C-Theory Jockstrap.

Shop at Male Basics: C-IN2 C-Theory Jockstrap

C-IN2’s C-Theory Jockstrap features a stylish and vibrant design with a color contrasting contoured pouch. This jockstrap utilizes covered elastic around the leg openings and an exposed elastic waistband with a two-tone design.

Best Feature: Soft single rib-knit cotton fabric.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Jockstrap

If you’ve spent any time shopping for jockstraps these days, you’ve likely noticed that there’s no shortage of options available to you.

In fact, there’s a wide variety of fabric choices, garment features, specialty designs, and more.

So, if you’re a bit overwhelmed by all the options and not sure where to start, here are a few characteristics that high-quality underwear brands tend to focus on.

A great jockstrap will pay special attention to design and construction.

Fabric is key here, so prioritize options with soft and lightweight fabric blends that are naturally breathable.

It’s also a great idea to find a jockstrap that mixes some stretch (nylon, elastane, spandex, etc.) into its construction.

Of course, elasticity is important for the waistband and supporting straps, but it’s also nice to have in the pouch fabric for comfortable support.

Even though jockstraps provide a much sparser fit than more traditional underwear options, the barebones fit of a jockstrap is supposed to stay in place, provide support, and look stylish while doing so.

If your jockstrap is pinching anywhere or its waistband and straps are rolling out of place, it’s time for an upgrade.

Look for a jockstrap that mentions a no-roll waistband and boosting supportive straps.

These features tend to make for a great blend of comfort, support, and durability that’s perfect for all-day wear and will last a long time.

If you’re looking to add a great jockstrap to your rotation, you’ll also want to check out our top picks for the best jockstraps available on Amazon.

And if you’re all about comfort when it comes to your underwear, be sure to check out the rest of our Most Comfortable Series.


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