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Deep V-Neck Undershirts: What to Know & Our Top Picks

Discover this modern and versatile undershirt option.

Man wearing a deep V-neck undershirt in closet.

Whether you’re just a little curious or already a V-neck aficionado, it’s not uncommon to have a few style and function questions when it comes to the deep V-neck undershirt.

While the deep V-neckline is not without its critics, there are also many who appreciate the more modern take on a traditional crew neckline that can meet certain style needs while providing lots of versatility.

Here, we’ll answer many of the questions commonly associated with deep V-neck undershirts, as well as offer our top picks for the best deep V-neck undershirts currently available.

What Is a V-Neckline Shirt?

Much like how a t-shirt is named for the shape it takes on (sleeves protruding above the torso mimicking the letter “T”), V-neckline shirts are named for the unique “V” present at the neckline of the shirt.

Compared to traditional crew neckline shirts that are rounded, the neckline of V-neck shirts dip to a point in the front, creating a noticeable “V” shape.

This style is a popular choice in both t-shirts and sweaters, worn as a top layer, on their own, or as undershirts.

The V-neck itself varies in style, as the depth of the V can be short, long, or any length in between. Typically, V-neck undershirts fall into two categories: regular V-necks and deep V-necks.

The difference between a deep V-neck undershirt and a regular V-neck undershirt.

So, what is a deep V-neck undershirt in comparison to a regular V-neck undershirt?

Deep V-neck undershirts descend from your collar at a greater length than a regular or traditional V-neck undershirt.

In general, a deep V-neck undershirt will have a V-neckline length of about 3 inches or greater, whereas a regular V-neck undershirt typically has a V-neckline length between 1 and 2 inches.

There are no other style or fit differences between the two. Adding “deep” to the garment’s title is used simply to convey the extra length present in the neckline.

What’s The Point of V-Neck Undershirts?

Shirts and sweaters with V-necklines are often worn to provide a casual yet polished appearance. However, they can also offer the versatility of a classy and professional look.

For example, V-neck sweaters are often utilized as a top layer over a collared shirt and tie thanks to the extra room they offer compared to a crew neckline. The V-neckline allows the tie to lie flat, sit comfortably, and be seen clearly.

But what purpose does the V-neck undershirt serve?

Man wearing V-neck undershirt beneath dress shirt.

The typical function of a V-neck undershirt is to remain out of sight when worn beneath a top layer. Its lack of fabric around the front collar allows you to open the first button or two of your shirt without exposing any undershirt.

This works well with dress shirts, button down shirts, polo shirts, and anytime you have a V-neck sweater or top layer and don’t want your undershirt to be seen.

This is also where some may prefer a deep V-neck undershirt. If you need or prefer a little extra length from your V-neckline (in other words, less fabric around your neck and collar area), then opt for a deep V-neck undershirt.

Additionally, some prefer the slightly breezier, more breathable feel of a deep V-neck undershirt as it does not hug or crowd the neck area.

When to Wear a Deep V-Neck Undershirt

The main draw of V-neck undershirts, including deep V-neck undershirt, are the versatility they provide.

If you’re looking to keep your undershirt out of sight beneath your top layer, a deep V-neck undershirt is a great choice. This will even allow you to unbutton the top of your shirt without showing any undershirt.

Additionally, V-necklines are known for framing your face better, as they offer a longer and slimmer look than crew necklines.

Man wearing V-neck undershirt.

Also, if you’re someone that’s been putting in work at the gym, a deep V-neckline allows you to showcase your chest area better than a traditional crew neckline.

However, beyond these style functions and preferences it’s worth noting that there’s really no right or wrong time to wear a deep V-neck undershirt.

Whether you opt for one as your everyday undershirt choice or simply want a few in the drawer for certain occasions, it’s always a smart idea to have a variety of options available at your disposal.

The Best Deep V-Neck Undershirts: Our Recommendations

We've gathered a list of the best deep V-neck undershirts for men. These picks are no-brainers from some of today's leading menswear brands.

If you're looking for a great deep V-neck undershirt, you'll find it here.

1. Tommy John Second Skin Deep V-Neck Undershirt

The Tommy John Second Skin V-Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt is a silky soft option that’s great for daily wear. This undershirt utilizes a patented design that never comes untucked and a stretch rib memory collar that lays flat.

Man wearing Tommy John Second Skin Deep V-Neck Undershirt.

Tommy John’s Second Skin Deep V-Neck Undershirt utilizes a non-pilling micro modal fabric with added spandex for stretch and recovery to keep its shape. This undershirt has a tapered design to eliminate excess fabric and comes with a Best Pair Guarantee.

Best Feature: Patented stay-tucked design and memory collar.

2. Tommy John Cool Cotton Deep V-Neck Undershirt

The Tommy John Cool Cotton Deep V-Neck Undershirt is designed for daily wear with a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you cooler and drier than regular cotton. This undershirt has a tapered design to eliminate excess fabric.

Man wearing Tommy John Cool Cotton Deep V-Neck.

Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Deep V-Neck Undershirt features a comfortable pima cotton and spandex fabric blend that has extra stretch and recovery. This undershirt has a stretch rib memory collar that lays flat and a patented stay-tucked design.

Best Feature: Breathable and moisture-wicking pima cotton fabric.

3. 2(X)IST Dream Deep V-Neck T-Shirt

The 2(X)IST Dream Deep V-Neck T-Shirt is the perfect blend of Pima Cotton and Modal fabric for an incredibly soft and comfortable feel. This undershirt utilizes premium fabric with added stretch for enhanced mobility that fits and feels like a dream.

Man wearing 2(X)IST Dream Deep V-Neck T-Shirt.

2(X)IST’s Dream Deep V-Neck T-Shirt has a classic fit that’s tagless and breathable. This undershirt has a luxurious feel that’s great for lounging and extended wear.

Best Feature: Pima cotton and modal fabric for a dreamy fit and feel.

4. All Citizens AirWeight Deep V Undershirt

The All Citizens AirWeight Deep V Undershirt has a seamless and lightweight design that stays tucked and is great for layering. This undershirt is form-fitting and runs longer in the back to provide better movement.

Man wearing All Citizens AirWeight Deep V Undershirt.

All Citizens’ AirWeight Deep V Undershirt utilizes exceptional ventilation with great breathability and moisture-wicking fabric. This undershirt features easy garment care without the need for ironing.

Best Feature: Lightweight feel with exceptional ventilation.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing an Undershirt?

While some people prefer to go without an undershirt, others are avid wearers that wouldn’t go without one.

And, of course, many simply wear an undershirt with certain outfits or when they feel the occasion calls for it.

But whatever your undershirt preference or habits might be, it can be helpful to know some of the benefits that an undershirt provides.

For example, wearing an undershirt is a great way to protect and preserve your top layer, whether it’s a dress shirt or simply an all-time favorite that you’d like to have around for a long time.

Undershirts do a good job of absorbing sweat before it reaches your top layer. This is especially important around the armpits, as deodorant can cause unpleasant stains that damage fabric over time.

Man wearing v-neck undershirt and man wearing crew neck undershirt.

Additionally, wearing an undershirt will offer you a little extra security and peace of mind.

Think of an undershirt as your last line of defense. If a stain or a tear happened to your top layer, you would still have an undershirt to fall back on.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that when temperatures start to cool down but don’t yet call for thick outer layers, an undershirt can serve as a useful layering piece, as they provide light insulation for your torso without adding any excessive bulkiness to your look.

If you’re looking to add some great V-neck undershirts to your rotation, be sure to check out our picks for the Most Comfortable V-Neck Undershirts and our picks for the best V-neck undershirts Available on Amazon.


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