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The Best Men’s Thongs Available on Amazon Right Now 2023

Skip the aimless browsing and get your new pick in a few short days.

Man wearing thong available on Amazon.

Looking for a little help finding the best men’s thongs on Amazon? Well, look no further. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top picks that are currently available for 2023.

While there are a handful of great sites out there for shopping the best men’s thongs (some of our favorites are Freshpair and HisRoom), if you’re looking to get your garments quickly, Amazon is usually the best way to go.

Keep in mind, however, that while Amazon does tend to have a good variety of brands and styles available, certain picks can go pretty fast and restocking isn’t always a sure thing.

So, if you see a pair that you love, be sure to grab it sooner than later.

Note: Featured products are independently selected and reviewed by The Underwear Review. If you purchase through our links, we may earn commission.

1. Obviously PrimeMan Thong

The Obviously PrimeMan Thong is a functional and super comfortable option that’s great for everyday wear. This thong utilizes a soft and lightweight micro modal lycra fabric blend and a waistband that stays in place.

Man wearing Obviously PrimeMan Thong.

Available on Amazon: Obviously PrimeMan Thong

Obviously’s PrimeMan Thong has an anatomically shaped pouch with just the right amount of support. This thong fits great under any clothing option while offering you a better fit and less adjustment.

Best Feature: Smooth stay-put waistband.

2. Jack Adams Modal String Thong

The Jack Adams Modal String Thong features a lightweight and buttery soft micro modal fabric. This thong has a classic g-string design and low-rise fit that wears great under anything and feels like nothing at all.

Man wearing Jack Adams Modal String Thong.

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams Modal String Thong

Jack Adams’ Modal String Thong has a single-ply contoured pouch with a center seam for an extra comfortable feel. This thong provides complete freedom of movement with added elastane for stretch and a stay-put elastic waistband.

Best feature: Buttery soft micro modal fabric.

3. Jack Adams Bikini Thong

The Jack Adams Bikini Thong pairs a clean streamlined look with luxuriously soft modal fabric. This thong features a natural contoured pouch that perfectly conforms to your anatomy for all day comfort.

Man wearing Jack Adams Bikini Thong.

Available on Amazon: Jack Adams Bikini Thong

Jack Adams’ Bikini Thong features an extra soft and lightweight modal and elastane fabric blend for a smooth fit with a touch of stretch. This thong utilizes flat seams to reduce unwanted friction and a layered elastic waistband for extra comfort.

Best Feature: Luxurious modal fabric in streamlined look.

4. Intymen Sport Thong

The Intymen Sport Thong has a great sporty look that utilizes soft and breathable mesh fabric. This thong is a lightweight and versatile option that can be worn as an everyday option, during workouts, lounging around the house, and everything in between.

Man wearing Intymen Sport Thong.

Available on Amazon: Intymen Sport Thong

Intymen’s Sport Thong is a popular choice thanks to its sporty look that’s available in several classic colors. It has a low-rise fit that sits at the hips and its elastic hem keeps everything securely in place.

Best Feature: Soft and breathable mesh fabric.

5. HOM Plume G-String

The HOM Plume G-String features a comfortable polyamide elastane fabric that’s featherlight and incredibly soft to the touch. This g-string has a sleek string design that fits like a second skin and is invisible under clothing.

Man wearing HOM Plume G-String.

Available on Amazon: HOM Plume G-String

HOM’s Plume G-String utilizes a quick-drying fabric that’s resistant to friction and the centimeter-wide elastic waistband stays put without squeezing your waist. Available in several classic colors.

Best Feature: Featherlight fabric with second skin fit.

6. Agacio Slip Thong

The Agacio Slip Thong has a minimal design that offers both breathability and security. This thong covers just the essentials and offers plenty of freedom but still provides support in the pouch and waistband.

Man wearing Agacio Slip Thong.

Available on Amazon: Agacio Slip Thong

Agacio’s Slip Thong comes in several classic color options and has a silver elastic waistband that stays put through activity and everyday wear. The fabric is a soft and lightweight viscose spandex blend that feels great on your skin.

Best Feature: Slimming slip design great under clothing.

7. 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Y-Back Thong

The 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Y-Back Thong features a classic and incredibly soft 100% cotton design with a signature Y-back design. This thong has a supportive yet comfortable contour pouch in the front and stabilizing Y-straps in the back.

Man wearing 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Y-Back Thong.

Available on Amazon: 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Y-Back Thong

2(X)IST’s Essential Cotton Y-Back Thong features 100% cotton fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. This thong also has an elastic logo waistband with a no-show low-rise fit.

Best Feature: 100% cotton with signature Y-back design.

8. 2(X)IST Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong

The 2(X)IST Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong features ultra-smooth microfiber fabric that’s breathable and moisture-wicking for an all-day comfort. This thong has a supportive contour pouch and a signature Y-back design.

Man wearing 2(X)IST Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong.

Available on Amazon: 2(X)IST Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong

2(X)IST’s Sliq Micro Y-Back Thong features a soft and slick polyester and spandex fabric blend that keeps you cool and dry. This thong has a covered elastic waistband that’s tag-free and a classic low-rise fit.

Best Feature: Ultra-smooth microfiber fabric for a cool feel.

9. Daniel Alexander Thong

The Daniel Alexander Thong is a sleek and versatile option with a polyamide spandex fabric blend that’s comfortable on your skin. This thong has a supportive pouch and a low-rise cut that fits nicely under a variety of clothing garments.

Man wearing Daniel Alexander Thong.

Available on Amazon: Daniel Alexander Thong

Daniel Alexander’s Thong provides a subtle enhancement in the pouch area, lifting your package up and away from your legs slightly for a fuller look and more comfortable wear. This thong comes in three stylish ocean prints.

Best Feature: Great support with enhancing pouch.

10. Daniel Alexander G-String

The Daniel Alexander G-String has a sleek and sexy look that remains comfortable against your skin. Even though it has only a string for a waistband, the elasticity and design of this G-string offers a good amount of support in the pouch, as well as a slight uplifting effect.

Man wearing Daniel Alexander G-String.

Available on Amazon: Daniel Alexander G-String

Daniel Alexander’s G-String has a triangular pouch crafted from a polyamide and spandex fabric blend. The back of this G-string has a classic string t-shape design, which means no visible underwear lines and great breathability.

Best Feature: Uplifting pouch in classic G-string fit.

11. Cover Male Slip Thong

The Cover Male Slip Thong has a nice slimming design that covers just the essentials. It utilizes a comfortable and breathable polyamide spandex fabric blend for a great stretchy fit on your body that dries quickly.

Man wearing Cover Male Slip Thong.

Available on Amazon: Cover Male Slip Thong

Cover Male’s Slip Thong is lightweight but offers support in both the pouch and its stay-put waistband. This thong has a low-rise cut that fits nicely under clothing and is soft against your skin.

Best Feature: Slim and stretchy fit that feels great.

12. Ergowear MAX XV Thong

The Ergowear MAX XV Thong features an ergonomic design with a low-rise cut and functional support. This thong has a 3-dimensional pouch that provides plenty of room and a gentle lift for your anatomy, as well as vertically flat-sewn seams and no lining.

Man wearing Ergowear MAX XV Thong.

Available on Amazon: Ergowear MAX XV Thong

Ergowear’s MAX XV Thong is crafted with a soft polyamide elastane microfiber that’s stretchy and fast drying. The waistband is encased in satin finish and uses durable fibers that are supportive and don’t lose shape.

Best Feature: Ergonomic design with 3-D pouch.

13. Jockey Lightweight Seamfree Thong

The Jockey Lightweight Seamfree Thong is designed to optimize comfort and support for everyday wear. Jockey has updated this thong to incorporate premium yarn into the fabric that’s softer and lighter than previous designs.

Man wearing Jockey Lightweight Seamfree Thong.

Available on Amazon: Jockey Lightweight Seamfree Thong

Jockey’s Lightweight Seamfree Thong has a low-rise cut and offers secure and carefree coverage. This thong has a seamless and tag-free design that’s great for extended wear.

Best Feature: Classic design and fit in seamless design.

14. iKingsky Soft Stretch Thong

The iKingsky Soft Stretch Thong is an extra soft modal and spandex thong option that gives the right amount of stretch for a perfect fit. This thong is a great everyday wear option with a low-rise fit that works under a variety of pant options.

Man wearing iKingsky Soft Stretch Thong.

Available on Amazon: iKingsky Soft Stretch Thong

iKingsky’s Soft Stretch Thong skips the waistband for an extra comfortable and lightweight feel, using the garment’s design and top seam to stay in place. This thong is extra soft while still offering support and is available in several colors.

Best Feature: Extra soft option great for everyday wear.

15. MuscleMate Thong

The MuscleMate Thong features a supportive and cradling pouch in the front and a stylish wide strap design in the back. This thong has a comfortable fit that’s great for activity and all-day wear.

Man wearing MuscleMate Thong.

Available on Amazon: MuscleMate Thong

MuscleMate’s Thong features a premium modal and spandex fabric blend that’s durable, soft, and breathable. This thong has a no-roll waistband that comfortably stays put and is available in several colors.

Best Feature: Premium modal fabric with wide strap design.

16. Summer Code Micro Mesh Thong

The Summer Code Micro Mesh Thong features a comfortable and breathable mesh material in a sporty cut. This thong has a smooth back strap and a contoured pouch in the front for extra comfort and support.

Man wearing Summer Code Micro Mesh Thong.

Available on Amazon: Summer Code Micro Mesh Thong

Summer Code’s Micro Mesh Thong utilizes a perfect-fit elastic waistband and a high-quality nylon and spandex fabric blend that’s soft and stretchy.

Best Feature: Breathable mesh material in sporty cut.

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